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The power of words

In a time of written communication, the words we choose still say a whole lot about who we are. Unlike in the past, they're now recorded – and often public.

Beyond Green

Saviour complex

Technology may be able to help the world adjust to climate change – but at what cost?

Booth's Bites

Vodafone in $1.7bn takeover deal

The company acquired Cable & Wireless Worldwide, becoming the UK's second biggest mobile and fixed-line operator.

The Spike

Google confirmation bias

If modern politics seems partisan and opinionated, blame the Internet.

The Spike

The Joule of denial

If rescuing the Joule is top of a list of priorities, the list is upside down.

Double Take

Digital footprints leave a trail of mud

Our social media activity is being monitored whether we like it or not; how blemish-free is your record?

Double Take

A dream reborn

Is failing to support innovation part of the South African DNA?

Beyond Green

Lessons in the unthinkable

What the failings of the Titanic can teach us about surviving the future.


The fandom disconnect

We keep hearing about how important fans are, yet the entertainment industry insists on shooting itself in the foot.

Booth's Bites

Splunk hits the big time

The company's share price at the end of the first day of trading was at over 100% of the originally filed price.

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