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Welcome to the layer cake

Corporate IT security is living in the past. Here's the screaming reality.


Outcomes-based outsourcing contracts add value

Key performance indicators need to form the foundations of the desired outcomes in an outsourcing contract.

Business Intelligence

BI also behavioural intelligence

Business intelligence should truly inform and educate the company, and not just be a simple reporting tool.


BSM integral to APM

Business service monitoring has combined with application performance monitoring to create a new look.

Contact centres and CRM

Revamping the contact centre

The evolving role of business process automation in the customer service experience.


The future of the Web

The pros and cons of common mobile platform development using HTML5.


Getting to grips with VDI

Gaining insight into the world of virtual desktop infrastructure and concepts.

Business Intelligence

Predicting the future of predictive BI

Are you courageous enough for the new frontier?


Preparing the network for VDI

The acceptance of virtual desktop infrastructure will revolutionise the way companies run their businesses.

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