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Mobile Enterprise Applications



Glueing eyeballs to apps – profitably

Great user experience, strategy and modern architecture grow audiences for enterprise mobile applications.

Risk management


Best laid plans

When it comes to project risk management, it's the invisible processes that are often the greatest determiners of success.

ICT policy in SA

Online iWeek

Is SA losing the IT race?

The South African IT industry is slipping behind its neighbours in the race to dominate the continent's high-tech sectors.

New-age data centres

Online iWeek

Dynamic data centres for the new age

Ever-increasing data volumes and complexity demand a new kind of data centre.

Facial recognition technology


Face off

Could a stranger in the street accurately predict your ID number, banking details and sexual orientation simply by taking a picture?

ICT in education


Powering tomorrow's minds

A solar-powered Internet classroom hopes to overcome the infrastructure challenges preventing ICT access in rural schools.

Cartridge recycling


The great cartridge hereafter

A new recovery service could see local print OEMs recycle cartridges, rather than sending millions to landfill.

Cyber terrorism

Online iWeek

Cyber terrorism, the next Cold War?

Throughout history, military organisation and strategy have undergone profound changes due to technological breakthroughs.



Managing the mobile maelstrom

Give your salespeople tablets and watch those signups go through the roof. But will the CIO and support infrastructure cope?

Mobile app development


The apps have it

Native or Web? Android or iOS? In the fast-paced world of mobile app development, a few strategic decisions can bring clarity to chaos.

Company news


Top news

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