Abacus Telecomm is “simplifying the future”

Abacus Telecomm is “simplifying the future”

From humble beginnings in 2003, Abacus Telecomm has grown to be a competitive player in the communications industry. “We can no longer box ourselves as a telecommunications service provider, but rather as a communications service provider, seeing as we now provide solutions encompassing communications as a whole, and not just on the voice side,” says Dominic Sardinha of Abacus Telecomm.

“We now believe,” Sardinha continues, “that we offer a viable and competitive offering to all our clients, both commercial and domestic. Clients no longer need to go to from shop to shop or scavenge the Internet looking for the best deal. Abacus Telecomm offers every aspect of communication. The beauty of our offering is that the rates we offer are governed by the networks, so the price you would receive directly from the network is the same as that offered by Abacus Telecomm.”

Abacus Telecomm has been offering call cost reduction solutions for nearly a decade now, and as the market has changed, so too has Abacus Telecomm evolved and changed with the times.

“We believe,” says Sardinha, “that we offer a truly comprehensive offering for all voice and data requirements. In addition, we offer each of the networks, every type of handset, every type of data connection, as well as a range of VOIP solutions to meet even the most demanding clients’ requirements.

“To this end, we believe we are simplifying the future in so much as we are able to meet any client’s requirements without the client having to be shunted from pillar to post. One port of contact, one solution, one result… could it be any simpler than that?”

Abacus Telecomm still believes that data is the primary method of communication, especially going forward in the future, and continues to expand on its range of data products, by now incorporating tablet devices to its plethora of products.

“With such leaps and bounds in the data sector,” says Sardinha, “we have witnessed data costs plummet to all-time new record lows. One can now get 2GB per month on any of the networks at a mere R149 per month! That is an astonishing 7.5c per Megabyte. That is 96% cheaper that what data cost a mere two to three years ago.”

Moving forward, Abacus Telecomm seeks to expand on its existing client base in South Africa, making affordable communications a reality for all.

“We are truly excited about the next couple of years and where the ever evolving technologies will take us,” says Sardinha. “We look forward to new enhancements, such as the inevitable roll-out of the LTE network, making connection speeds of up to 100MB/s possible in the very near future; the evolution of the tablet as its popularity grips the consumers; and the ever-tumbling interconnection fees between networks. All of these aspects make for exciting times, and Abacus Telecomm looks forward to ‘simplifying your future’.”

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