Apple plans wireless server hubs

Apple plans wireless server hubs

According to rumours, Apple is planning to add an interesting new wrinkle to its Genius Bars in retail stores, Slash Gear reports.

Sources are claiming that Apple is looking at adding wireless server hubs to Genius Bars to allow users to sync their data from an iOS device if the device needs to be replaced.

According to IT Pro Portal, the upcoming WiFi hubs will allow Genius Bar personnel to mirror an iCloud backup, only onto a local server.

When the customer gets a replacement, the content will then be quickly transferred onto the new device, where it is automatically deleted from the stores’ servers.

The system is still in very early stages of testing, and many retail projects inside of Apple’s labs never see the light of day, 9to5 Mac reports.

However, if this system is ever launched, Apple is planning to pilot it in select stores by mid-2013. A full-scale launch, if Apple is content with the system’s performance and usage, should occur later that year.

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