Bluekey provides SAP Business One ERP to leading SA packager, Westpack

Bluekey provides SAP Business One ERP to leading SA packager, Westpack

Westpack’s decision to implement the small to midsize enterprise (SME) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from SAP, SAP Business One, is expected to drastically increase the company’s business integration, stock and production control.

With more than 200 successful SAP Business One implementations, and a presence across southern and East Africa, Bluekey Software Solutions is the largest and most awarded SAP Business One partner, a factor that contributed to Westpack’s comfort in entrusting Bluekey to achieve the business goals of the new ERP system.

Westpack is a leading South African packaging company with core competencies in the blending and packing of products fit for human consumption. While its primary focus is on the packaging of powders and granules, it has expanded its portfolio to include pastas, grains, spices, desserts, cereals and coatings.

“We are proud of our association with leading multinational blue-chip companies and local brand leaders, and with SAP Business One, we are able to offer speedy and proficient services to our clients,” says Neil Walker, Supply Chain Director, Westpack.

Previously, it was not possible to access up-to-the-minute information needed to make critical business decisions, nor to provide the level of service that Westpack wanted to. “Our previous system was quite outdated. There were very poor stock control processes, and the integration to financials was terrible. The legacy system could just not cater for our future growth and lacked the traceability that we required,” says Walker.

SAP is already the solution of choice among many of their corporate suppliers. Part of their strategy for the coming years is to align themselves more closely with these companies. “With the newer versions of SAP Business One, integration has never been easier. Preconfigured workflows of many business processes are provided to our clients at no additional cost,” says Lyall O’Carroll of Bluekey Software Solutions. The SAP Business One solution implemented by Bluekey provides Westpack with the alignment opportunities it seeks to automate and integrate its procurement, stock and business processes to meet industry standards, and ensure it is providing the level of service clients and suppliers expect.

“We look forward to using SAP Business One, and our partnership with Bluekey, to achieve our long-term vision and grow our business the way we want to,” concludes Walker.

Bluekey Software Solutions

Bluekey Software Solutions utilise the latest technology to unify accounting, finance, logistics, production, CRM and other key business processes. The value proposition is that successful implementation of SAP Business One gives owners of SMEs better control and visibility, and drives efficiency, profitability and growth. Bluekey is the largest and most successful SAP Business One partner in Africa, with more than 200 successfully implemented sites and SAP Business One Partner of the Year awards in 2005, 06, 07, 08, & 10. With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, and director experience of more than 70 years, Bluekey is uniquely qualified to implement, support, develop and maintain SAP Business One throughout Africa.

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