BT invites you to lunch to rethink risk

BT invites you to lunch to rethink risk

BT Global Services South Africa will be hosting a working lunch on 7 May 2012, at The Westcliff, to discuss industry initiatives and security in global banking and financial markets.

BT is extending an invitation to all interested stakeholders to attend this lunch.

We have entered an age where business environments are less predictable, controllable and certain; where strategies become more organic, less linear, chaotic and emergent; where people’s behaviour is social, connected and viral. This is both an exciting and a scary time, because the fundamentals of businesses are being challenged, and where targeted, skilful cyber security is no longer limited to big business and governments.

It’s almost impossible for businesses to maintain the traditional outer perimeter they’ve so carefully built up. That perimeter has moved from static to completely elastic in the shortest possible time, because we are now more connected than ever.

BT operates one of the world’s largest networks and needs to be ahead of its game.

Chris Pickles, Head of Industry Initiatives, Global Banking & Financial Markets, and Tareque Choudhury, the BT Chief Security Officer and Head of Professional Services for Middle East and Africa, will discuss how BT manages risk and the challenges of bring your own device (BYOD), cyber security and much more.

This will take place at The Westcliff, 67 Jan Smuts Avenue, Westcliff, Johannesburg.

12:00 to 12:30 Registration
12:30 to 14:00 Working lunch, presentations and discussion

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