Dell revolutionises design, performance with new line of Dell Precision workstations

Dell revolutionises design, performance with new line of Dell Precision workstations

* Redesigned tower workstations give creative and design professionals new levels of performance. * New Dell patented technology eliminates nearly all memory errors, increasing the reliability of the workstation and maximising uptime for the user. * One of the only tower workstations to offer front accessible hard drives and externally removable power supply, providing superb access to essential components.

Dell’s newly redesigned portfolio of Dell Precision tower workstations announced today delivers superb performance, accessibility and best-in-class chassis design to help creative and design professionals deliver results faster.

Dell engineered its tower workstations to enable engineering, product design, animation, and other graphics and compute intensive professionals increased productivity and minimised downtime so they can focus on their innovations.

From creating the 854 stereo 3D VFX shots featured in the award-winning movie “Hugo”, to designing unique architectural spaces, to analysing seismic data, to accelerate exploration of natural reserves, companies around the world rely on Dell Precision workstations to design and deliver superb results fast.

“Dell Precision workstations are the number one recommendation I’ve made to other visual effects professionals over the years. We need cutting-edge technology and performance while working tough deadlines,” said Adam Watkins, Computer Graphics Supervisor, Pixomondo. “I have been delighted, and sometimes saved, by every Dell workstation I’ve ever used for more than 20 shows! It’s one technology that I know I can consistently count on and I’m looking forward to the new design and performance of Dell’s new workstations.”

Innovative design with purpose

Dell solicited input from hundreds of the top engineering, finance, software development, scientific, and media and entertainment companies to design the new chassis. This user feedback and testing drove the development of a sleek and efficient award-winning design with a reorganised interior and easier access to important components.

The interior separates areas more commonly accessed by users, such as memory and hard drives, from more service accessed components, such as wiring harnesses and fans, thereby simplifying tasks and greatly reducing time required for service or upgrades.

Additional innovations built into the new workstation family include:

* Externally Removable Power Supply – Dell is offering the industry’s only tool-less externally removable power supply on a mainstream tower workstation. The power supply is lockable and has a built-in handle that lights up green when functioning properly, which decreases downtime spent detecting and servicing issues.

* Front Accessible Hard Drives – The new efficient chassis design on the T7600 provides one of the only front accessible quick release hard drives on a tower workstation. Designed for customers in data-intensive fields like video editing, who need to swap out hard drives easily and military and research organisations who need to store sensitive data in a secure location at the end of the day, it comes with up to four 3.5-inch hard drives or eight 2.5-inch hard drives.

* Remote Access – The Dell Precision T7600 easily converts to a rack solution, which can be mounted to any standard Dell PowerEdge server rack. By centrally locating the workstations, businesses can help maintain a clean and quiet work environment, keep hardware safe and give remote workers access via a Dell Precision FX100 zero client.

* Reliable Memory Technology – Another industry first is Reliable Memory Technology (RMT), a Dell patented code programmed at the BIOS level that eliminates virtually all memory errors on high-end workstations. RMT extends the capability of ECC memory by detecting the location of the corrected memory error and prevents the system from writing to that spot again following a reboot. Available on the T3600, T5600 and T7600, RMT increases the reliability of the workstations and eliminates the need for extensive full memory tests, IT support calls and memory DIMM replacement.

This purpose driven innovation really pays off for our workstation customers. TACKLEBOX Architecture has relied on Dell Precision workstations to create unique architectural spaces for fashion and retail businesses since opening its office in 2006. Founder Jeremy Barbour says: “Our design process relies heavily on 3D modelling, and by leveraging Dell’s powerful workstations we’ve been able to reduce our rendering time by 66%, from approximately 12 hours to four hours, enabling us to focus more energy on our creative work and deliver better projects on time and on budget.”

Powerful new line of tower workstations

Dell’s new best-in-class workstations feature powerful technology and higher performance from new Intel microarchitecture and eight core CPUs for multi-threaded applications; generation three PCIe I/O support for improved visualisation performance with next generation graphics; and up to 512GB quad channel memory for running large data sets in memory. The new workstations offer NVIDIA Maximus technology, which enables simultaneous visualisation and rendering or simulation, and also feature a broad range of professional-class graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA including up to an AMD FirePro V7900 and NVIDIA Quadro 6000.

The new Dell tower workstation portfolio includes:

* Dell Precision T7600 – Engineered for the utmost in compute and visualisation performance, Dell’s most powerful and expandable workstation is perfect for video, animation, engineering, simulation and financial and scientific analysis of massive data sets. The advanced architecture of the T7600 features one of the highest performing CPU stacks, power supplies and graphics power for a dual-socket system. It offers up to two Intel Xeon E5-2687W 150 watt processors with a total of 16 computational cores, a 1300-watt 90% efficiency power supply, up to 600 watts of graphics, and up to four full x16 graphics slots, which can power up to an NVIDIA Quadro ultra high-end 6000 professional graphics card and two NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processors at the same time.

* Dell Precision T5600 – Designed for space-constrained environments that need substantial compute capability, Dell’s powerful and reliable dual-socket workstation is built for designing complex 3D models, creating film and video content and performing complex engineering and analysis work. It features up to two Intel Xeon processors each supporting eight processing cores, 128GB of quad-channel ECC memory, two power supply options of 635W or 825W and up to an NVIDIA Quadro 5000 high-end professional graphics card and NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processor.

* Dell Precision T3600 – Built for performance for mid-range workstation workloads, Dell’s single socket workstation offers an excellent balance of performance and scalability for mainstream 3D, computer-aided-design (CAD), computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) and digital content creation applications. Key features include Intel Xeon processor E5-1600 or E5-2600 family, two power supply options, up to 64GB 1600MHz ECC or non-ECC memory and up to a single NVIDIA Quadro 6000 or two NVIDIA Quadro 5000 professional graphics cards, and an NVIDIA Tesla C2075 processor.

* Dell Precision T1650 – For demanding professional applications that push beyond a standard desktop, Dell’s entry-level tower workstation offers certified performance for professionals working with 2D and basic 3D models, editing photos, CAD drawings and Web development. The T1650 will feature next generation Intel Xeon processors, up to 75W for graphics and new ISV and graphic certifications.

Cutting-edge dependability, manageability

Dell works with the industry leading software providers to certify the top digital content creation, scientific, medical imaging, oil and gas, GIS and engineering applications on its full line of workstations. These vendors run a variety of tests to ensure the hardware platform and its individual components work without error, assuring customers that their Dell workstation will operate flawlessly for their crucial applications. The new line of desktop workstations will offer certified applications from the top software providers, including Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, PTC, Siemens PLM, Adobe, Avid, Grass Valley, Landmark, Schlumberger, ESRI, Barco and many others.

Creative and design professionals realise the importance of running their demanding software applications on a professional and ISV certified workstation. Marc Meadows, PE, President of Meadows Analysis and Design, says: “We rely on Dell Precision workstations to run our 3D modelling and real-time analysis software to verify designs for our customers in oil and gas, water waste treatment, aerospace engineering and other industries. Since switching to Dell Precision workstations, we’ve experienced 12-fold faster 3D analysis and reduced a 19-hour simulation to 1.5 hours, enabling faster turnaround and improved accuracy.”

Dell Precision workstations continue to lead in efficiency and low cost of ownership. The Dell Precision T3600, T5600 and T7600 workstations are all EPEAT and offer ENERGY STAR 5.2 configurations, including 80 PLUS Gold power supplies, helping to reduce the impact on the environment and operating energy costs.

Dell ensures digital assets are safe with state-of-the-art security services like Dell Data Protection Encryption, which helps keep data safe wherever it goes. The new tower workstations also provide optional Intel vPro technology, lockable ports and the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that offers security for network-based client computing. Dell’s optional ProSupport services provide end users and IT professionals with remote and on-site technical support solutions for all of their Dell and non-Dell hardware and software needs, allowing for simple deployment of new workstations and devices.

Dell and partner quotes:

“We’re extremely proud to unveil Dell’s new line of workstations that have been completely redesigned based on hundreds of customer conversations,” said Llewellyn Chame, Dell South Africa Product Manager. “We know our workstation customers depend on technology to bring their innovations to life, and with these new Dell Precision Tower workstations, we are giving them the tools to provide a competitive edge with the best technology available.”

“Dell’s new Precision workstations, based on the recently announced Intel Xeon processor E5-1600/2600 product families, will provide artists, animators, engineers, analysts and scientists the performance they need to inspire their creativity,” said Frank Soqui, general manager Workstation Product Group, Intel Corporation. “With our new processors, groundbreaking I/O infrastructure and our advanced software tools, we are helping users and ISVs enhance software applications that scale with their compute resources – turning ideas into innovation faster than ever before.”

“These new Dell Precision workstations deliver on the promise of a new era of speed and productivity for millions of design and creative professionals, with an outstanding range of NVIDIA Quadro and Tesla professional GPUs to choose from,” said Jeff Brown, general manager, Professional Solutions Group, NVIDIA. “With NVIDIA Maximus technology, which revolutionised the workstation last fall with simultaneous visualisation and rendering or simulation, professionals are empowered to design and create like never before with these latest workstations from Dell.”

“We congratulate Dell on their strong new line-up of performance workstations and look forward to providing Dell customers with the brilliant graphics they have come to expect from the AMD FirePro line of professional graphics products,” said Bahman Dara, director of AMD FirePro Graphics. “AMD’s high-performance graphics processors, with support for AMD EyeFinity multi-screen display technology, are an ideal complement to Dell’s workstation offering and reflect AMD’s commitment to creating focused solutions designed to best meet the needs of Dell’s clients.”

Pricing and availability:

The Dell Precision T1650, T3600, T5600 and T7600 workstations will be available for purchase worldwide starting in May. Pricing for the T1650 will be available in May.

* The Dell Precision T7600 pricing starts at R27 394.20
* The Dell Precision T5600 pricing starts at R23 188.74
* The Dell Precision T3600 pricing starts at R16 032.96

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