HCTech launches one-of-a-kind bandwidth analysis service

HCTech launches one-of-a-kind bandwidth analysis service

HCTech has launched an online service that will report to Internet users exactly where and how their bandwidth has been used, making it simple for all Internet users to understand the details behind their bandwidth consumption.

All the other bandwidth analysis tools on the market tell you how much bandwidth has been consumed in total, but reveal very little about exactly where or how that bandwidth has been used.

“We know how much bandwidth has been consumed because they tell us when they bill us, but without knowing exactly where and on what, we are totally in the dark, especially when usage is out of control, which is often,” says Gary Slom, Director of HCTech.

Even though some bandwidth services are uncapped, they still “squeeze” access speeds once certain usage limits have been reached. So understanding where one’s bandwidth has been used even in these circumstances is still an important requirement.

This unique service from HCTech solves the “bandwidth mystery”. Consumers who subscribe for this service install software on their computers, and thereafter have access to an online report detailing their Internet bandwidth consumption for the duration of their subscription.

The service gives a user exact details of which Web sites, programs, e-mails, chats, downloads, etc have consumed their bandwidth, and by how much. In addition, the service details the time spent on each of these bandwidth-consuming categories. The reports are flexible, allowing users to see bandwidth details for any chosen period.

The service offers the added benefit of knowing what children have been up to, or which employees are abusing their Internet access privileges.

Often, a fair amount of bandwidth is consumed by hidden Web sites, banner adverts and other linked Web elements. The service will highlight these items, making bandwidth consumption much more transparent.

Slom says: “It is also necessary to be proactive,” and that is why alert features are included in the service. These alert features notify you about unusually high bandwidth consumption situations and bandwidth-intensive Web sites.

The service works with all Internet service providers and all types of Internet connection mechanisms, such as 3G, ADSL and wireless connections.

“It’s great as a business tool as it includes individual bandwidth reports by employee, irrespective of whether they access the same computer, or separate computers,” says Slom.

The service is reasonably priced, and it’s easy to get started on.

The service is available from www.bandwidthgone.com.

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