Loophold promotes security diagnostic tool

Loophold promotes security diagnostic tool

Martin Tassev. MD, Loophold Security Distribution.

Loophold Security Distribution, the local distributor of Trustwave information security and compliance solutions, is promoting Trustwave’s SIEM solution as a cloud-based service to the local market, through its channel of resellers.


This will provide small to mid-sized businesses with access to technology that is traditionally priced and geared for larger enterprises, while creating opportunities for the channel to resell this service to its end-user customers.

The SIEM solution from Trustwave uses an on-site event device that securely transmits events to Trustwave Security Operations Centres for analysis, reporting and archiving. Trustwave analyses security events on behalf of resellers and their customers, assisting them to take action to reduce security risks. As a result, end-user customers can more easily identify and mitigate security threats without having to manage the SIEM in-house.

Says Martin Tassev, MD at Loophold Security Distribution: “In today’s online threat landscape, access to technology and expertise is key. Most businesses do not have the capital to invest in high-end solutions, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and Trustwave’s cloud-based model allows these businesses access to the technology without the required capital investment. Furthermore, these end-user customers often do not have the resources to manage the solution.

This unique combination of requirements is both met with resellers providing the solution on a subscription basis along with their skills and expertise, while the vendor, Trustwave, hosts the technology as a cloud-based solution.”

Other cloud-based services from Trustwave include UTM Firewall, Network Access Control, Encryption and Web Application Firewall.

Loophold Security Distribution and Trustwave will be showcasing their solutions and expertise at ITWeb’s Security Summit, which will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre between 15 and 17 May, and will feature presentations relating to trust and the need to reassess the standard approaches to IT security. This year’s theme is: “Reinventing information security: When trusted technologies have failed”. For further information, click here.