OutKafe 5.2.2

Hi all,
I’m happy to announce that OutKafe 5.2.2 is out. This release was almost entirely focussed on stability and performance in the 5.2 series. The biggest changes were in the library where there were a lot of work on optimizing the class methods for speed and reducing disk accesses. I also completely scrapped the threading, choosing to go for forked processes instead.
Here’s a hint for any programmers out there, threading is evil and a nightmare to debug. Use forks, not threads, at least unless you really want to be prematurely bald 🙂

On the frontend side, I fixed a stupid little bug in the login panel which caused the login dialog to move around, without obeying the theme files properly. Small bug, big problem. Either way it’s fixed now and
the login screen will honor where your themes say it should go.

I would like to remind everybody that OutKafe as of version 5.2.0 is fully multilingual and theme-able and that if you have a translation we don’t yet support or a theme you are particularly proud off, you
can submit your files to the OutKafe website.
Any registered user can upload files or edit the wiki. Uploads will be checked before they become public.