Outkafe contributors

How to contribute to OutKafe

There are a number of ways you could contribute to the OutKafe project. this document is intended to provide the information you will need to do so effectively.

Non-programmer contributions

Not everyone is a coder, but that doesn’t mean you cannot help with OutKafe.

Community Support
If you are an OutKafe user, especially one running an active site, one of the best contributions you can make is to join the mailing list and help others with problems.

If you see an error in these docs, a missing section you feel you understand, you can easily help to improve the manuals by writing the missing piece. Anybody with a registered username on this site can edit documents.

//We are still finalizing what localization techniques OutKafe will use.

Code contributions
If you wish to improve the code for OutKafe you will need several pieces first.

1) You will need a very recent subversion copy of lazarus for your platform. 2) You will need to install olpack olpack can be fetch from subversion at this tree:

3) You will need to get the OutKafe Sources and install the outkafelibs package.

The outkafe sources are kept in subversion. To fetch them you need to do a checkout from this tree:

The tree is world-readable, but you will need an account to do commits. Instead of commits, once you finish your changes run

svn diff > $FOOPATCH
to generate a patchfile. Compress it and mail it to [email protected]. After evaluating the patch, I will apply it if it’s approved. If you do a few good patches and earn your spurs, I will give you a commit-enabled account on the SVN tree.

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