Outkafe customization

Customizing OutKafe
Installing themes and languages NOTE: This section uses features only available in OutKafe 5.2 and later

Installing translations
One of the most fundamental and useful customizations you can make to OutKafe is to have it operate in your native tongue. OutKafe now supports full translation of all the GUI aspects through the gettext system. All existing translations are shared on this site. If your language is not there, please consider creating a translation and sharing it with others by submitting it here. After downloading a translation, installation is very simple. Simply copy the .po file into the lang subdirectory of the OutKafe program directory. Under linux this directory is:

and under windows it is (by default)

C:\Program Files\outkafe\lang\
OutKafe will automatically use the translation for your system configured language if it is available.

Installing themes
You can also configure the look of the OutKafe client login screens. This feature works on both Linux and Windows clients. Themes uses specially formatted html based files and images to change the look of the login screen to virtually anything you could want. OutKafe ships by default with two included themes known as “classic” and “google”. Classic reproduces the look of the older (unthemeable) outkafe versions while google is meant to emulate the google.com search screen. Many other themes could be created. If you create a nice theme, please consider submitting it on this site to be shared with others. Themes are installed in directories underneath the outkafe program directory in the themes subdirectory. OutKafe will load the one in the default directory. Under linux:

Under windows(by default):

C:\Programs Files\outkafe\themes\default
Therefore to change the active theme, you simple need to symlink(linux) or rename(windows) the theme you want as to

Themes shared on this site will usually be zipped, simply unzip them in the themes directory, then change the default theme to activate them.

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