Outkafe oklin

The OutKafe Linux client (oklin) was created by A.J. Venter. It serves as the baseline client for all other (static) ports. The client can run on thin-client or fat-client machines with X and GTK+2. It operates independently of the Linux/Unix login procedure by locking the screen instead.

As of version 5.1.1 oklin has the ability to be run as an X session manager instead. This means that, if you wish, you can configure X to use oklin as the window manager, and to log the user out when oklin exits (details on how to do this are distribution specific, please see your distro’s documentation on installing alternative window managers). Then call oklin with the command-line parameter ‘session-manager’ as in:

oklin –session-manager
In this mode, oklin will exit on logout, causing the X session to end.

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