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OutKafe relies on a central daemon called outkafed to count down time for users who are logged in. The daemon is designed to fork into the background on launch and work completely non interactively. Only one daemon should ever run per site.

The daemon writes it’s PID to /var/run/outkafed.pid immediately after forking, allowing for clean shutdowns. The provided init scripts are designed to start/stop/restart it cleanly on as many platforms as possible.

The daemon is shipped with two init scripts, the first is used on slackware/BSD style bootup systems. If such a system is encountered, the installer will install rc.outkafed and set up a launch-call from rc.M for you. If you are using a sysv style distribution the installer will copy outkafe-sysv to /etc/init.d/outkafe. In order to then create the sysv links for the init script, the installer will first check for chkconfig in the PATH. If it finds it, it uses it to configure outkafed for running on normal bootup. If it fails to find chkconfig, it will then check for rc-update and use that if present. Finally, if both the above fails, it will manually create the symlinks. This should work on most distributions.

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