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About OutKafe
OutKafe is a next-generation free and open source cybercafe management suite. OutKafe is licensed under the GNU/GPL version 3, and can be used free of charge. OutKafe is developed by A.J. Venter with sponsorship from OutKast I.T. Solutions C.C. and the kind contributions of several volunteers. OutKafe is running hundreds cybercafe’s at business, schools and other establishments around the world – shouldn’t it be running yours ???

Purpose and goals:
OutKafe aims to be an all-in-one solution for one core purpose: managing time in cybercafe’s. It provides a powerful plugin architecture which allows it to work together with products like CRM or accounting systems, rather than duplicating their functionality.

We keep track of open bugs, feature request and plans for the future in the bluesky page.

In order to achieve it goals OutKafe comprises a number of core components:

A server-daemon for counting time down centrally outkafed
A management console where you can add time, kick users, define special offers etc. outkafe-admin
A number of platform specific clients apps which control login on your terminals including clients for linux and windows
A central database server (currently only postgresql is supported)
A back-end library to abstract all database work out for ease of maintenance and stability across the various components.

Current Version 5.2.2
The current version was released on September 11, 2007. 5.2.2 is a maintainance update to 5.2.1 with massive bugfixes. Full details in the changelog.

Community support is provided by the OutKafe Mailinglist. Professional support can be purchased from OutKast Solutions.


Installation Manual

Administration manual

Customization manual(Installing languages and themes)

Contributed Howtos

Contributors guide

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