Pinterest, Flickr improve attribution

Pinterest, Flickr improve attribution

The attribution of images shared from Flickr to Pinterest is now automatic and cannot be edited.

Pinterest has partnered with Flickr to make it easier to correctly attribute images pinned from the photo-sharing service.


In February, Flickr was one of the first major sites to invoke the “no pin” code that Pinterest released to allow other sites to block Pinterest users from sharing content. Flickr implemented the code to stop “pinners” from sharing images that were marked as non-public or where the uploader had disabled public sharing.

Pinterest announced the partnership in an official blog post, stating:  “We’re excited to announce that we’ve worked with Flickr and other communities to make it easier to pin and credit content creators. Images with sharing enabled on Flickr now have a Pin It button, and pins from Flickr now have a clear attribution statement on Pinterest.”

The attribution for photos shared to Pinterest from Flickr now appears below the pin’s description and provides a permanent link to the original work, the author and where that person hosts their content.

“Because attribution cannot be edited, photographers can rest assured that pins and repins of their work will credit and link back to them,” says Pinterest, adding that it will retrieve attribution data from Flickr if a photo is pinned from a Web site or block embedding a Flickr image.

Flickr has also added a Pinterest button to its sharing menu to allow for easy sharing to the social pin-boarding site. “If you pin a lot, the share menu will act smartly and prioritise the Pin It button, showing it as one of the two shortcuts on the photo page,” says Flickr.

“If a photographer does not want their content to be shared, the share menu will be disabled, making the Pinterest option unavailable as well.”

Pinterest adds: “We think simple and automatic attribution is a step forward for the sharing of content online, so we went even further than adding attribution to pins directly from Flickr.”

In addition to Flickr, Pinterest has announced it is rolling out enhanced attribution for Behance, Vimeo and YouTube.