SugarCRM gets workflow solution

SugarCRM gets workflow solution

Colosa, the developer of the ProcessMaker open source business process management and workflow suite, has announced a technology integration with SugarCRM, Destination CRM reports.

The new integration provides users with a visual workflow designer and process execution module for use within SugarCRM.

EON quotes Brian Reale, CEO of Colosa, as saying: “Sugar users and partners want to have a more powerful visual workflow designer and engine that is available inside SugarCRM. We listened, and thanks to ProcessMaker’s very tight integration with Sugar, those users can now create slick workflow maps and execute business processes directly inside Sugar using our 100% Web-based, drag-and-drop designer software.”

With a more powerful visual workflow designer and engine available inside SugarCRM, users can design workflows that control the way Sugar tasks get routed to different Sugar users and do so based on business logic that reads information directly from SugarCRM. They can also now track how long these tasks take to be performed, as well as control which Sugar screens get displayed and in what order, during a workflow.

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